Doctors find 55 batteries in woman’s stomach

A woman had a total of 55 AA and AAA batteries in her body.— Irish Medical Journal.

At least 50 batteries were found in a woman’s stomach while she was on a hospital visit at St Vincent’s University Hospital in Dublin.

The medical staff of the hospital, after conducting an X-ray, revealed that the 66-year-old woman had 55 batteries in her body.

Since the batteries were not interfering with or blocking her stomach, doctors hoped she would be able to pass them naturally.

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According to the report, she managed to drain five AA batteries in the first week but the rest got stuck. Irish Medical Journal.

Doctors noticed that her distended stomach was hanging over her pubic bone due to the weight of the batteries. So, they decided to operate on him.

The remaining 46 batteries were removed by surgeons, with four still lodged in his colon.

After much effort, the doctors were able to get all four of them into his rectum so that he could pass them out. The Huffington Post.

The authors of the articles stated that this could be recorded as the “highest number of batteries inserted”.

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Drinking batteries is a method of self-harm that the authors warn against in the journal article.

This can cause serious problems such as “mucosal injury, perforation and obstruction”.

“Acute surgical emergencies resulting from cylindrical batteries should not be underestimated,” the report added.

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