Chhavi Mittal Talks About Chemotherapy Diets and Intermittent Fasting After Surviving Breast Cancer

Chhavi Mittal, an actor, producer and breast cancer survivor, came to prominence when she shared her recovery journey with the world by documenting her pain and injuries as well as practical advice that Helped her fight where she was, her life. In the studio, at her gym, and at home for her kids. The goal is to maintain cancer-free status with your diet because a survivor’s diet changes completely and is essential to that person’s health.

Now she tries to avoid eating anything non-veg, eat more vegetables, avoid acidic foods, eat fresh food, avoid eating out, and keep my diet empty. I have permanently stopped eating sugar and processed food. I also engage in intermittent fasting, which studies of breast cancer survivors have found to be effective.” However, she explains that every survivor will deal with their condition differently and She’ll need a food plan tailored to her needs after consulting with her oncologist and clinical dietitian. Additionally, a balanced eating program doesn’t advocate giving up indulgences. In fact, she argues, All of this can be flavorful and refreshing with a little thought.

Chemotherapy diet

During chemotherapy, getting the right nutrients is very important. During this time, the food you eat heals you from the side effects of the procedure and gives you energy to fight off any infections that could complicate things in the future. Chhavi was asked to eat foods high in fiber, protein and healthy fats during this phase. Stay away from raw foods and salads as they may contain microorganisms that can affect your immune system, advises Mittal. She still cooks her fruits, vegetables and vegetables instead of eating them raw. Plus, she’s careful about getting all her sugar from natural sources (her soft-roasted banana toast, which consists of sliced ​​bananas on top of toasted bread, is a delicious snack). She has also figured out how to cook more meals in one sitting while keeping the food at the right temperature.

“Sometimes, during a chemo cycle, you get nausea, vomiting, and a sore mouth. I’ve been taking a lot of kokum and will continue to do so because it’s non-acidic. I eat a lot of almonds, dates, flax seeds, I eat sesame seeds, and hemp seeds—the latter of which are often roasted, ground, and mixed with water. She also recommends getting protein from organic sources. Greek yogurt, almonds, seeds, nuts. Boiled eggs, fish, chicken, cheese, and broccoli are protein-rich foods for me because they keep me strong and energetic. I’m eating sato pancakes, which are made from roasted chickpea flour and are especially high in protein. Amounts are high. In fact, Sattu makes a great protein smoothie when mixed with water, Mittal says. Small, frequent meals seem to work.

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