Cattle, livestock face starvation after Pakistan’s floods wipe out feed supply

Faced with fodder shortages due to floods, cattle farmers in villages in Pakistan’s Sindh province said Monday they were struggling to keep their remaining cattle alive.

gave A devastating flood A large part of Pakistan has been inundated and the crops used as fodder for their cattle have been damaged.

Officials estimate that about 700,000 livestock have died in the floods across the country, and the rest, Which becomes an important asset in a poor country.They were getting thin due to lack of food.

The situation may worsen as the Meteorological Department has warned of more rains in the next few days.

Zameer Khan, a farmer from Sindh’s Tando Ulyar, one of the worst-affected areas, said whatever fodder was left had turned black due to water loss.

“It will not be fed to the cattle. As a result, the animals will starve and eventually die,” he said.

He added that the damaged hay will be used for packing eggs and apples.

Government officials have been trying to help farmers facing fodder shortages in Sindh province for the past two weeks, but a military official said it would be difficult to airlift supplies from army and navy helicopters.

Record monsoon rains in Pakistan’s south and southwest and snowmelt in the north triggered floods that affected nearly 33 million people and killed more than 1,500, destroying homes, crops, and crops in the South Asian country of 220 million. , bridges, roads and cattle were washed away. Because of one The damage is estimated at 30 billion dollars..

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