Angelina Jolie lands in Pakistan to help flood victims

UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie talks to an elderly woman in her flood-damaged home in the northern Pakistani village of Muhibbandi in this unidentified photo. – UNHCR

International humanitarian and Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie is visiting Pakistan to help communities affected by the devastating floods, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) said on Tuesday.

Heavy rain and the flood Nationwide, more than 1,500 people died, 33 million were affected, and one-third of the country was submerged.

Julie is visiting people directly affected by the floods to understand and hear from them about the situation. The IRC statement said it will listen to their stories, discuss their needs, and discuss measures to prevent such suffering in the future.

Jolly, who had previously visited victims of the 2010 floods and the 2005 earthquake in Pakistan when he UNHCR Goodwill AmbassadorHe is to visit IRC’s emergency response operations and local organizations helping displaced people, including Afghan refugees.

Pakistan is also the second largest host of refugees globally. The people of the country have sheltered Afghan refugees for forty years.

Julie will highlight the urgent need for support for the Pakistani people and long-term solutions to address the growing crises of climate change, human displacement and chronic insecurity that we are witnessing globally.

She will see for herself how countries like Pakistan are paying the ultimate price for a crisis they did not create.

“The IRC hopes that its visit will shed light on this issue and urge the international community – especially the states that contribute the most to carbon emissions – to act and urgently help countries affected by the climate crisis. will encourage to provide,” he said.

The IRC’s latest needs assessment shows that people are in urgent need of food, drinking water, shelter and health care. Every person surveyed by the organization reported that women and girls do not have access to menstrual hygiene products.

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