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Canberra: Australian wildlife officials are investigating the deaths of 14 young sperm whales that were found washed ashore on an island off the southeast coast, officials said Tuesday.
The whales were discovered on King Island, part of the state, on Monday afternoon Tasmania In Bass Strait between Melbourne and the north coast of Tasmania State Department of Natural Resources and Environment said in a statement.
A government Marine Conservation Program The team traveled to the island on Tuesday to try to determine the cause of the whales’ deaths.
Photos distributed by the department show whales lying on their sides in shallow water on the island’s rocky shore.
Officials were planning to conduct an aerial survey to determine if there were any other whales in the area.
The department said sperm whale sightings were not unusual in Tasmania and the area where they were discovered on the beach was within their normal range and habitat.
“While further inquiries are pending, it is possible that the whales were part of the same bachelor pod – a group of young male sperm whales that bond together after leaving the maternal group”. Department of Environment said.
Meanwhile, surfers and swimmers are being warned to avoid the immediate area if the whale carcasses attract sharks to nearby waters.
Two years ago, 470 long-finned pilot whales were found on beach sandbars off Tasmania’s west coast, the largest mass stranding on record. Australia.
After a week-long effort, 111 of these whales were rescued, but the rest died.

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