You Must Avoid These Mistakes If You Wear Contact Lenses

Our changing lifestyle has affected our eyes a lot. Before that, glasses were needed only by the elderly. Now even children need glasses to improve their vision. People prefer to wear glasses instead of glasses. However, there are some risks associated with it. If you are thinking of switching from glasses to contact lenses, you should pay attention to the following points.

1. Never sleep with glasses on: Most people who wear contact lenses forget to remove them while sleeping. Sleeping with glasses reduces the amount of oxygen reaching the eyes and increases the risk of eye infections.

2. Do not use the same lens continuously for long periods of time: It is often claimed that a new lens can be worn for up to 30 consecutive days. But experts say you should remove your lenses every day after using them and before going to bed. This helps extend the life of the lens. Most people use the same pair of lenses for months or years. But it is not good for the eyes at all. Instead, periodic checkups are needed to determine if the lenses are right for your eyes.

3. Wash the lens case regularly: Most of us don’t bother to clean the lens case. They use the lenses for months but forget to wash the case. The lens case should be washed with clean water to prevent contamination of the lens.

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4. Don’t ignore any infection warnings: If you feel any kind of irritation in your eyes after using the lenses or your eyes become more sensitive to light than usual, you should not ignore it. You should contact an ophthalmologist immediately to rule out the possibility of an eye infection.

5. Do not use dirty glasses: If your lenses accidentally fall on the ground, do not pick them up and wear them. There are many types of fine particles and germs on the ground, which can stick to your lenses and cause eye infections.

6. Don’t forget to wash your hands before wearing lenses: Don’t forget to wash your hands thoroughly with hand wash and water before putting on the lenses. If you are a woman and like to wear makeup with your glasses on, be careful when using any kind of face spray as it can damage your lenses.

7. Do not wear glasses while swimming or biking: Always avoid using contact lenses while swimming or biking. While riding a motorcycle, dust particles can enter the eye which can scratch the lens. It can even lead to eye infections.

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