Siddiqui slammed for encouraging Lala’s sexist behaviour | The Express Tribune

The Bigg Boss-inspired Pakistani reality TV show Tamasha Ghar has raised a lot of eyebrows over the hostile environment created within the house among the contestants. Following the rift between contestants Rauf Lala and Humira Ali Chaudhry, the former’s “vulgar” and “sexist” language left fans feeling “disgusted”.

The host actor Adnan Siddiqui was called for supporting Rauf instead of being kicked out of the show.

In a viral video, Rauf can be seen arguing with Humira after she points out her lack of gratitude and how it is difficult to work in the kitchen with her presence because she is never Do not deviate from the necessary instructions. In return, he threatens and abuses Humira. Fans were hoping that Siddiqui would give her a shut-up call but instead she called Humira a liar.

It was then all over the micro-blogging site Humira as the hashtag “Get Lala out of the house” started trending. In today’s episode, Humira was fine and yet Adnan Siddiqui called her a liar. what’s this? Is it a reality show at all? Shame on ARY Digital and the entire team for showing the wrong side and supporting this man. We are not blind,” read one tweet.

Another user asked Siddiqui to stop his prejudices. Stop prejudice against Rauf Lala. Disgusting to see how you all are supporting him even when he is hurling abuse at other women. If you really value civilian opinion, kick Lala out. He is doing nothing but disrespecting other people and creating anger,” he wrote.

One tweet questioned Siddiqui’s corrupt intentions and asked what agreement he had with Lala that he “continues to support her for no reason.” He reminded her to “play the detail” or it’s too “obvious”.

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