How To Prevent Kajal And Mascara From Smudging

Mascara and mascara make the eyes beautiful, rich and beautiful. Most women’s first makeup product is mascara and it makes your eyes look fresh and sharp. However, sometimes, they can smudge your eye makeup. Their blackness spreads around the eyes, giving them an unsightly appearance. The biggest problem is making your mascara and mascara smudge. Sweat and moisture cause soot and grime to spread around the eyes.

The sun’s harmful UV rays make you sweat profusely and cause your makeup to spread, making you look bad.

Let’s take a look at some tips and tricks to prevent mascara and mascara from smudging:

Before applying mascara, wash your face thoroughly and dry it completely: Dry the excess water and moisture around the eyes with a cotton cloth or cotton ball and then apply mascara. Doing so will make the mascara look smoother and less spreadable.

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Apply mascara on the lower lash line: Many girls have a habit of applying mascara on the bottom of the water, which causes it to spread. To avoid this, apply mascara on the lower lash line and not on the water line.

Apply dark eyeshadow to protect the mascara from dusting: After applying mascara on the lower lash line, apply a thin stroke of liner or black eye shadow over the mascara. By doing this, it does not spread and has a matte finish.

Avoid sweating under the eyes: Sweat is the main cause of soot and soot spreading. Moisture and sweat cause soot and soot to spread. To avoid this, keep your eyes dry when you step out of the house and always wipe the sweat around your eyes with a cotton cloth.

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