Hoda Kotb says Prince Harry’s love for the Queen was ‘palpable’ during funeral

Hoda Kotb Share your thoughts about Prince Harry And Queen Elizabeth IIrelationship and revealed that his love for his late grandmother was “obvious”.

The 58-year-old television host recalled her interview with Harry last April. Page six Monday outside Westminster Abbey, minutes before NBC’s coverage of the queen’s funeral aired.

Kotb said that when the Duke of Sussex spoke to him about the Queen, his love for her was “obvious”, before admitting that the two of them had been on the same page on the day of the Queen’s funeral. How meaningful it was to talk.

“These were the most moving parts of the interview,” explained Kotb. “And to imagine the next time we’ll be talking about Harry and his grandmother today, it’s so exciting. A big part of the interview was about the Queen, which shows you that she’s Where were you in your mind?

He went on to say how Harry showed him “another side” of the Queen which was “naughty”, which he was “delighted”.

“I was watching old videos of him and he would always whisper something in her ear and she would always laugh,” she continued.

gave today The host also expressed his condolences to the royal family, the United Kingdom, and anyone who understands the grief of losing a grandparent.

“My heart goes out to all the royals today. We’re seeing this as a huge moment for this country but they lost their grandmother, and anyone who’s lost a grandmother and this long. Having lost a grandmother for a long time, he knows how it feels,” Kotb added.

During his interview earlier this year, in Holland for the Invictus Games, Harry detailed how he and his wife Meghan Markle secretly visited the UK to visit his grandmother. He told Kotb how it was.”So good“Being with the Queen once again.

“She was great to be with, great to see her. She was in great form, she’s always got a great sense of humor,” Duke said at the time. “I was just making sure he was safe and had the right people around him.”

To Page On Monday Six, Kotb’s co-host, Savannah Guthrie, also shared an emotional message about watching the Queen’s funeral.

“We are all very honored and privileged to be witnessing history here today,” he said. “I am moved by the expression of emotion from the British people, it transcends race, it transcends everything.”

“I was beaten by the flower-laying people at Buckingham Palace. It was so strangely quiet and respectful,” he added. “They loved him – which is not a word we are used to using for a leader! But love is a word that people use very often.

Along with Harry and his wife, the Queen’s funeral on September 19 was attended by royals from around the world. During the service, King Charles III and his wife Camilla, the Queen Consort, walked behind the late monarch’s coffin, before being followed by the Prince and Princess of Wales and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

On the sad occasion, Harry sat right behind his father in the second row, prompting people to ask questions on social media. This seating arrangementSince the duke is the son of the new king.

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