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They say you are what you eat, but in reality you are what you wear! Your wardrobe can say a lot about you – and not just about your taste, but also about your personality. We often think it’s the color or the style of clothes that defines us the most but no, it’s actually the type of shoes you’re most comfortable in that speaks volumes about your personality.

A girl in stilettos and boots doesn’t scream the same personalities and we all know that. Compiled from Reader’s Digest, Here’s a list of which shoes reveal what about you.

High-heeled wearers take charge.

Tall, smart, and clean! In times of crisis, a person who likes to wear high heels will always be on his feet and in control of the situation. Leadership qualities are a plus one with high heels! Shoes usually scream confidence and with heels, this woman’s self-confidence makes her feel confident and secure in front of people.

Fans of running shoes are goal-oriented.

We all have that friend who wears running shoes everywhere! Well, that’s not always a bad thing. This indicates that they enjoy challenges and are very goal oriented. Whether it’s pursuing a silly new hobby or sticking to New Year’s resolutions. Naturally, they are organized and very social as well. With running shoes, multitasking is an art they master.

Fleet fans are the leaders behind the scenes.

Flats, as the name suggests, are at the bottom end of the food chain but that doesn’t mean they aren’t hardworking. They don’t just enjoy the limelight but are talented. Despite ensuring a great product in the end, they enjoy being behind the scenes. Basically, they are humble backbones who don’t need applause but deserve it all!

Women in shiny stilettos work hard.

Just like in the movies, women who wear sparkly stilettos own the energy in the room. They have drive, determination and an outstanding work ethic. Apart from being adventurous and open to new ideas and opportunities, they also appreciate the beauty around them. Their work is inspired by aesthetics and they make their surroundings welcoming so that people feel comfortable.

Flip-flop fans are placed back.

If you can think of someone who procrastinates a lot and lives by the mantras of “go with the flow” and “live in the moment,” we bet they’re always in flip-flops. are They don’t really bother with societal pressures to cater to a certain aesthetic, rather they follow their joy and stay unconventional with their easygoing nature – and that’s definitely a vibe!

Sneaker buffs get along well.

Sneaker lovers are social butterflies and you can’t fight us on that! They have a knack for connecting with people much younger than them but can somehow comfortably interact with people older than them. They are always the life of the party because of how versatile and fluid their energy is.

Pump fans are boss ladies.

Be honest, pump fan, you are a total “girl boss” and you know it. The first “compliment” you often get is how scared you look and yet you’re always the most caring person in the room. From being powerful, competitive, and determined to reliable and dependable, pump women are in most leadership roles. It is most suitable for them!

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