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The Punjab Healthcare Commission (PHC) on Monday fixed the price of ELISA dengue test at Rs 1500.

As per the guidelines issued to all private laboratories, collection centers and hospital labs of the province, the maximum cost of ELISA dengue NS-1, IgG and IgM test has been fixed at Rs.1500.

Also, all institutions providing testing facilities and collecting samples have been directed not to charge more than the prescribed rate.

They are further directed to mention the machine, reagents and kits used for the test along with their certification and finally the individual batch numbers.

They have also been instructed that the reporting time should not exceed 24 hours.

Earlier on Monday, a consultative meeting was held at the PHC office with representatives of leading laboratories, chaired by PHC Chief Executive Officer Dr Muhammad Saqib Aziz, to discuss the costs of dengue tests in the wider public interest. A reduction was agreed upon. 1500 up to Rs.

Further, the examining bodies have also been warned against violation of the orders, and violation shall face penal consequences including fine, suspension of services, deregistration from PHC, and sealing of premises. will

“To ensure compliance with these guidelines, authorized PHC officers will periodically inspect and visit hospitals, private laboratories and collection centers,” the directive warned.

Published in The Express Tribune on September 20.Th2022.

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