WHO warns of ‘second disaster’ in Pakistan

A logo is pictured on the outside of the World Health Organization (WHO) building in Geneva, Switzerland. Photo: Reuters/File

ISLAMABAD: After unprecedented floods caused by climate change, which have claimed more than 1,500 lives and submerged a third of Pakistan, the World Health Organization is deeply concerned about the possibility of another disaster in Pakistan. has been revealed. Diseases and deaths”.

In a statement, WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said, “I am deeply concerned about the possibility of a second disaster in Pakistan: a wave of diseases and deaths linked to climate change after this disaster that has led to significant health has badly affected the system which has affected millions of people. Weak.”

He said that the water supply is interrupted, inevitably the people Drinking unsafe water, which can spread cholera and other diarrheal diseases.

The WHO official said the stagnant water helped breed mosquitoes and spread vector-borne diseases such as malaria and dengue. Health centers were flooded, their equipment damaged and people displaced from their homes, making it difficult for them to access routine health services.

“All this means more unsafe births, more untreated diabetes or heart disease, and more children missing out on vaccinations, but with few health impacts,” he said. “But if we act quickly to protect health and provide essential health services, we can significantly reduce the impact of this coming crisis.

“Health workers in Pakistan are stretched thin as they do everything possible to deliver critical services amid the disaster. About 2,000 health facilities have been fully or partially damaged,” he maintained.

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