Ukrainian forces seize control of river near Kharkiv after Russian retreat, military says

Ukrainian defenses continue to consolidate liberated areas in the eastern part of the country as Russian forces regroup, Ukraine’s military said on Sunday.

“The enemy is redeploying troops in separate directions, looking for ways to mobilize reserves, and conducting aerial reconnaissance. The military’s Operational Southern Command has stepped up inspections in occupied settlements,” it said via Facebook. is being done.

Officials describe the situation in the southern Kherson region as “tense,” and a regional military official said the humanitarian situation in liberated settlements is dire.

“Ukrainian police, humanitarian aid (water, food) are entering unoccupied settlements. The main task is to provide people with water, electricity, wood and building materials,” Ukrainian military adviser Serhiy Khlan told national TV on Sunday. but said

Clash in Kherson: Russia’s state news agency TASS reported that Russian security forces clashed with “a group of armed men” in occupied Kherson on Saturday.

TASS did not provide details on the identity of the “gunmen” or how many of them were in the group.

Ukraine’s Southern Operational Command called the shooting a provocation by the Russians, saying they “portrayed it as counter-sabotage measures, accusing the Ukrainian armed forces of wanton street fighting among the civilian population.” let’s try.”

The operational command also claimed that Russian forces were shelling “civilian houses, civil and critical infrastructure objects” in the Kherson region.

Elsewhere in the southern part of the country, explosions were heard in Melitopol, according to the city’s mayor.

On the third day, explosions are heard in the city. Yesterday morning and afternoon, the warehouses of ammunition and military equipment of the enemy, which were located on the shores of Molchani, were blown up. Some time ago, the Russians removed their equipment from the city of Melitopol and placed it right on the coast,” Mayor Ivan Fedorov said on Ukrainian national TV.

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