UK self-reports unperformed work violations

Lexington, Ky. — Kentucky has self-reported violations to the NCAA involving players being compensated for part-time work that was not performed at a university hospital.

The school said the violations should be processed as Level III in the report, which was released Saturday but submitted Sept. 3 to NCAA Director of Rehabilitation Jerry Vaughn.

The school began an investigation in February after learning of the potential violations, which were found between the spring and March of 2021. It was limited to a “small number” of athletes who hid their use of the clock-in/clock-out system while working in the hospital’s patient transport department.

The report did not specify which teams the players were from, but said the part-time jobs “may require physical strength and may be suitable for players.” The six-page document, which names the players and how many were involved, says a hospital supervisor denied knowing about the players’ recording hours not working.

The hospital’s human resources department became involved and worked with its chief nursing officer to suspend the athletes from the hospital along with the supervisor. The document stated that none but all hours were recorded but no work was done.

Kentucky athletics compliance determined that violations had occurred and disqualified the players as corrective measures, the document states. Athletes will also not be able to work with UK Healthcare without a specific academic reason. The report added that no member of the athletic coaching staff or department official knew or should have known of the violation.

Kentucky’s release of the report comes days after football coach Mark Stoops announced that leading rusher Chris Rodriguez Jr. will return to Mississippi on Oct. 1. Rodriguez, who rushed for 1,379 yards last fall, is Missed three gamesThat includes Saturday’s matchup against Youngstown State and next week’s road game against Northern Illinois.

Stoops has repeatedly declined to provide details on Rodriguez’s status and has not characterized his absence as a suspension. Linebacker Jordan Wright sat out the opener but returned for last week’s victory at Florida.

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