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After eight long years, the Pakistan women’s football team created history by claiming their first victory in international football as they bid farewell to the South Asian Football Federation (SAFF) Women’s Championship 2022 on Tuesday. Defeated Maldives 7-0 in the game. Despite the huge success, a journalist just had questions about what he wore and it sent social media crazy for all the right reasons.

Sharing his two cents on the matter, Anush Ashraf shared a viral clip on his Instagram Stories in which a journalist asked the team’s coach why the players were wearing “knickers (shorts)” instead of leggings while representing the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. wear Finding the question “cringe-worthy”, he urged the aforementioned journalist to “restrain” from reporting on anything outside of his actual job — documenting his exceptional play and tournament. Is.

“This reporter should know that this country became an ‘Islamic’ republic after the death of the Quaid.” This country was created for oppressed Muslims, not to oppress Muslims against their will in the name of Islam. The girls chose. [what to wear.] We all have had as much exposure to religion as anyone else and we make informed choices. But as a man, his concern about their “knickers” is worth it,” read his note.

She continued to defend her reasoning and raised her voice against imposing religious values ​​on other people by citing the example of Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam. “A true definition is a person who does not judge but only leads by example. Remember that people came to Islam for the respect and grace shown by our beloved Prophet (PBUH), not you.” Never hurt anyone with dirty comments. There is no coercion in religion.”

Ashraf added that asking sexist and abusive questions is not actually part of his job. “He should be banned from reporting anything other than his actual job, covering their sports and football tournaments,” Ashraf said, adding that “ignorance is bliss” and “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.” Ended up with hashtags.

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