Monsoon Skincare Hacks To Keep Your Skin Healthy

It’s good to hear that we got rid of those oily and sweaty skin after summers but wait, your skin can face the same or maybe worse problems during the rainy season. Moisture and humidity in the atmosphere cause many skin problems that make our skin look dull. The best way to get rid of these skin problems is to follow a good monsoon skin care routine. If you go out looking for tips, there are plenty of options available. To clear this confusion, we are here with top 5 skincare hacks for monsoons, which will give you flawless and glowing skin in monsoons.

Wear minimal or no makeup.

Who doesn’t like wearing makeup? But it is recommended that you keep some distance from it during monsoon. Why, you may ask? Heavy makeup increases the chance of clogging the skin pores leading to problems like acne, blackheads and many more. So, one should look without makeup or look natural using light density makeup.

Use a gel-based sunscreen.

Avoiding Sunscreen During Monsoon? It is a big mistake. In winter, when the sun hides behind a cloud, we assume there are no UV rays, so tanning does not occur. But even behind the clouds, the sun emits ultraviolet rays that damage the skin.


Add regular exfoliation to your monsoon skincare routine. Due to high humidity in the environment, you are more prone to acne, blemishes and other skin problems. Exfoliation removes dead cells, which helps the skin absorb beauty or skincare products. If you have sensitive skin, do not rub it too much.

Keep yourself hydrated

It’s good to follow a skin care routine from the outside, but hydrating the skin from the inside is also paramount. Even in the rainy season, make sure you drink 2-3 liters of water as it promotes glowing skin and boosts collagen production.

Eat right.

Your diet plays an important role in maintaining glowing and supple skin. Consume more green vegetables and fruits which will make the skin glow naturally. It will also keep your immunity strong.

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