Lady Gaga cuts her final

Lady Gaga thanked her fans Saturday night after thunderstorms forced her to cancel the final stop on her “Chromatica Ball” tour in Miami.

On Saturday, the Academy Award-winning singer told the 65,000 fans packed into Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium that she would not finish the show after lightning struck the stadium. Saturday’s show was the final stop on the 36-year-old singer’s international “Kromatica Ball” stadium tour, which had been delayed for two years. COVID-19.

“I’m sorry we can’t finish but I don’t want to risk your life and I don’t want to risk my life,” Gaga was caught telling distraught fans on stage. “So thank you, get home safe, God bless you, and thank you for being on the show. Please go home.”

After fans evacuated the stadium, Gaga posted an emotional apology on Instagram. videotelling them that he had to prioritize his safety and that of his crew.

“We really tried to finish the show tonight in Miami, but we couldn’t because when the rain stopped, there was lightning that was hitting the ground so close to us,” Gaga said through tears.

“And look I know for a really long time, I’ve always wanted to be like this tough bad b*tch, but what I really want is someone responsible and loving and I don’t know what to do. would if anything happened to anyone in the audience or to any of my crew members, my band, my dancers,” he continued.

At one point in the two-and-a-half-minute video, Gaga showed off a bouquet of roses that a fan threw her on stage and said she would “cherish them forever.”

Gaga, still in her stage makeup and costume, noted that she would not be able to sing her hit song “Rain on Me” amid the rainstorm.

“I’m sorry we didn’t get an epic performance of ‘Rain on Me’ in the rain, but life is more precious to me,” he added. “I hope you understand why I decided not to end the show because I’m healthy and it’s a healthy decision for all of you and for me as well.”

“So I love you and yes I’d love to be dry, but we’re all alive so go home and be safe and I’ll see you next time I’m on stage and until then Chromatica never ends Because Chromatica is about healing and Chromatica is about knowing that you are enough and I feel enough tonight even though I’m not done. I really feel enough, so I want to Thank you for giving. I love you. Goodbye” he ends the video.

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