King Charles was told Camilla Parker is ‘unsuitable’ for him: Here’s Why

King Charles Was Told Camilla Parker Was ‘Unsuitable’ For Him: Here’s Why

The romance between King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla was forbidden by the royal family in those days.

Despite their love being widely known, Charles was denied marriage to Camilla by the Queen and Prince Philip.

“It is widely believed that Camilla was considered unsuitable for the role of a royal wife, especially the wife of the heir to the throne. At the time, royal attitudes ruled out the possibility of the heir marrying a princess. Or from the ‘common people’ rather than the member. The elite”, shares

The outlet added: “Charles and Camilla both had two children: the King and Diana had two sons – Prince William and Prince Harry – while Camilla and Andrew had a son, Tom, and a daughter, Laura.

“But their marriages proved unsuccessful, with all parties engaged in extramarital affairs. Perhaps the most famous was that of Charles and Camilla, whose romance was responsible for the gradual breakdown of the relationship between the then Prince and Princess of Wales. Held,” the publication continues. .

Princess Diana died in a car accident in 1997, eight years after Charles married Camilla.

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