Queen ‘spirit’ holds Meghan Markle hand at Windsor? Bizarre meme goes viral

Queen fans are calling out Meghan Markle fans for creating a weird meme ahead of the royal’s funeral.

A fan account of the Sussexes took to Twitter to share a photoshopped image of Her Majesty holding hands with Meghan and Prince Harry outside Windsor Castle.

“Our Queen loves Meghan the people’s princess, she will always be by my Meghan’s side,” read the caption.

Responding to the viral photo, supporters of the royal family were quick to bash the Duchess of Sussex.

“Why would she be with them when they both reject her constant invitations to meet? Makes no sense and elevates them to undeserved heights,” wrote one.

“I hope this is true. That she is well and truly causing her majesty and the royal family untold pain,” added another.

A third wrote: “Whoever did this needs some serious help! And reprimand at the same time!!! Disgusting!!!

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