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Phantom of the Opera, The longest-running show on Broadway is set to close on February 18, 2023, even after New York theaters reopened after a pandemic lockdown due to a steep drop in ticket sales.

The phantom has been a staple of the Broadway world since its debut in 1988, winning over 70 theaters and 13,733 performances. Despite his legacy, The New York Post reported that the show was losing $1 million a month.

Fans took to social media to mourn the news, reflecting on what the show means to fans and audiences alike. In January, the show cast Emily Kwauchau as the first black American female actor to play the lead role of Christine. The decision broke racial barriers and made Broadway history, but its performance would be short-lived.

The musical will celebrate its 35th anniversary in January with a final Broadway performance on February 18.

Andrew Lloyd Webbers The Phantom of the Opera Gaston is based on Leroux’s classic novel and was originally directed by Harold Prince. Broadway legends including Michael Crawford, who was the first to play the Phantom, Sarah Brightman, Judy Kaye and others have played leading roles in the show.

The phantom It tells the story of 19th-century opera singer Christine Dye, who is tutored by the mysterious Phantom to improve her vocal skills. However, things take a dark turn when the Phantom chooses Christine as his muse, and she falls in love with an arts benefactor named Raoul.

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