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Veteran actor Firdous Jamal recently tried to bury a controversy by bringing up another one on a local talk show. Clearing the air about his ageist comments against Mahira Khan, the renowned star expressed his reservations about Pakistani heartthrob Humayun Saeed.

“Humayun Saeed has no voice, no character, no body language,” Jamal said. This is where the show’s host Ahmed Ali Butt, who has worked with Saeed on several projects, intervened and shared, “But Humayun is our biggest superstar. He gives one hit after another. are.” To this, the veteran actor replied, “Some people can be fooled into believing that he is a good actor.”

On Mahira Khan

Talking about the infamous controversy over his ageist comments about Mahira Khan, Jamal said that he never had any personal enmity with any actor. His criticism was only based on his abilities.

Jamal later added, “I don’t say anything to anyone based on personal grudges. I’ve been blessed more than I thought I deserved. I talk on technical grounds, I I don’t see his work like a normal viewer because I am an artist.

Talking about the Varna star, Jamal remarked, “I shared that Mahira should do character roles.” Explaining this, he said, “Our idea of ​​a heroine is that she is a teenager – 15, 16 years old – who is bubbly and chattering, like a doll. So, in a woman and a heroine. Difference. So, I just shared that Mahira should opt for more female roles, not for heroines. She is not age appropriate for later roles. I never meant that she is old. are.” Giving his own example, Jamal replied, “For example, if I were to play a hero in a project, I would look terrible.”

Zaranish Khan’s voice came

Actor Zaranish Khan also took to Instagram to share his own perspective on the experience, while sharing a ‘beneficial thought’. “Respect can’t be demanded, it’s earned,” the veteran actor wrote. Sharing a post about Jamal’s comments about Saeed, Khan wrote, “He [Jamal] Cracks me up with his weird problems with things and people (no offense intended).”

Sharing his conversation with Jamal, Khan wrote, “A long time ago, we were doing a project together and respectfully, I said, ‘Ao Firdous uncle, how are you?’ And he got angry saying, ‘Woman, I didn’t join showbiz so that people would call me uncle.’ Khan shared that she was taken aback by Jamal’s response: “Uncle or not uncle, he could have been polite.”

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