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Momina Mustahsan may be one of the most talented singers to come out of Pakistan, but she is also becoming one of the country’s most high-profile activists on issues she holds close to her heart.

Using her fame to advocate for social causes including women’s rights, cyberbullying and mental health awareness, Well done The topic of Kroner’s most recent concern is climate change. Artist, who also got a spot. The BBCThe 100 most influential women of the past recently shared a series of interesting posts on their Instagram stories.

Mostahsan attended. Forbes Power Women’s Summit on September 15. The first image he posted appears to be an e-invite for the event. It featured a picture of him holding a placard that read, “Today, this is Pakistan. Tomorrow, it could be your country. #Climate Emergency. The message was clear. A global icon destroyed in Pakistan.” Kin was referring to recent incidents of flooding.

The next post was by Mustashan himself. Dressed in a black desi outfit, we love how she chose to go traditional for such a grand international event. gave That love of yours The singer looked cool yet chic in a loose masculine kurta and matching shalwar. She was wearing black heels and her hair was half tied. Completing her look with a black choker and minimal make-up, Mustashan certainly looked like she was at the event to make a powerful statement.

Meanwhile, he participated in several panel discussions at the summit. The first of these was the one that saw Hollywood star Blake Lively take to the stage, followed by luxury designer brand Tory Burch. The last of them were comedians, actors and social media experts, Grace Kohlenschmidt, and Dylan Mulvaney, who discussed TikTok stardom with Forbes’ Barbie Ferreira.

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