Another beautiful songbird likely faces extinction

A small blue and brown bird. – Paxil
  • The songbird is in high demand for its melodious voice.
  • The songbird trade could prevent them from disappearing, researchers say.
  • Further these birds are taken from the wild, the “drebber” and the silent tropical forests of Asia will eventually become.

A study has revealed that another beautiful and unique species of bird is in high danger. Extinction Because it is in demand as a pet.

The songbird is in high demand for its melodious voice and unique colors. The trade in songbirds in Asia has already harmed other species, bringing them close to extinction.

The study, published in the journal Current Biology, have shown that these birds are being caught from the wild and sold in pet markets. However, researchers believe that if these birds breed in captivity, their chances of extinction can be significantly reduced.

Although it’s a controversial move on the matter, researchers say the songbird trade that forced breeding can actually save species and prevent them from extinction.

The more these birds are taken from the wild, the more “dribber” Asia’s tropical forests will become, the study found. The first to go will be the uniquely colored birds.

The authors found that the more unique a bird’s coloration, the more likely it is to be traded. This is the reason why this songbird has become the most bought and sold pet.

Lead researcher Professor Rebecca Senior of the University of Durham noted that the most attractive colors were blue, yellow and pure white.

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