Alaska braces for historic storm, bringing flooding and strong winds

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Alaskans were breaking. Saturday for a powerful and historic storm.

Forecasters warned that the remnants of Typhoon Murbok could cause flooding, high surf, coastal erosion and power outages.

Hurricane-force winds were forecast in the Bering Sea.

Water levels may rise up to 18 feet above the normal high tide line in the communities of Elim and Kuyuk, Alaska.

10 people died in floods in Italy.

A flood warning was in effect. Monday for the northwestern parts of the state.

The National Weather Service’s Fairbanks office said “textbook” stormwater has almost completely covered Golovin’s old runway and is still expected to rise a few more feet.

The agency’s Alaska Twitter account said the storm was slowing down, which would not allow high water levels to recede after its peak.

It comes as a low-pressure system is expected to make landfall over the Gulf of Alaska. Sit off the coast of Northern California.Winds and showers on Saturday.

Weather pattern with rain, thundershowers in plains

Northern and Central California are expected to experience heavy rain Sunday and Monday.

It will rain. Create localized areas of flash floodingaffecting areas that experience rapid flow.

Although wet weather is needed in the drought-stricken Golden State, winds can potentially spread mosquito fires.

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The Mosquito fire is the largest wildfire in the state this year.

Little, if any, rain is expected across much of Southern California.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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