5 Healthy Snacking Options at Workplace

Working in an office all day can be a tough task especially when it comes to breakfast and you don’t have time for it. And usually we have unhealthy things for quick hunger pangs. But, it can be avoided with some healthy options including a few salads, which can be made quickly.

These salads are also rich in fiber which keeps the stomach full for longer. As a result, excess calories are saved, and you get rid of junk food. Here are a few salads you can try for your breakfast while at the office.

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Bean and Peanut Salad

Bean and peanut salad is a great choice if you want to eat healthy while working out. Depending on the taste, cherries, grapes, tomatoes and some slices of cucumber can be added to this salad. It can be kept fresh by adding some basil leaves.

Broccoli salad

Since the broccoli in this recipe is raw, you should prepare it at least an hour before serving to give the vegetables time to absorb the flavor. While it makes a fantastic side dish on its own, including other sources of protein (like grilled chicken or hard-boiled eggs) will turn it into a complete dinner.

Green Bean Salad

If you have this dish as a main course, you should serve it with another source of protein as it is mainly composed of vegetables and includes goat cheese, walnuts and almonds. There is a quantity. Fortunately, you can eat these mild flavors with almost anything, even tofu and salmon.

Grilled Corn Salad

If you can’t find fresh corn for this salad, substitute defrosted, frozen corn for the canned corn for a fresher flavor. Eat it with a protein-rich main dish like grilled chicken to ensure completeness.

Loaded Bean Salad

This salad is clearly nutritious despite the absence of leafy greens. Kidney or pinto beans, black beans, peppers, onions, and corn are two types of beans that are included. While one bowl makes a great dinner, leftovers can also be used as a dip for chips or as a filling for burritos.

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