Shahbaz Gill’s comments ‘reckless’, ‘not expected’, IHC rules in bail case

Policemen are taking Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Dr Shahbaz Gul after his appearance in the district court of the federal capital. – Online/File
  • IHC has issued a detailed order in Shahbaz Gul’s bail case.
  • The court says that Gill’s statement needs further investigation.
  • The IHC notes that so far no evidence has been found to charge Gill.

ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad High Court on Friday said that PTI leader Shehbaz Gul’s comments against state institutions were “reckless” and “expected” from a person who is the spokesperson of the party and claims to be a scholar. Is.

The Chief Justice of the High Court, Athar Minullah, gave the approval. Bail after arrest On Thursday, it ordered the release of the PTI leader on a surety bond of Rs 500,000.

The PTI leader is facing. Charges of sedition In August, during an interview with a TV channel, he was accused of inciting a mutiny within the armed forces.

In a written order issued today, the IHC said that during the course of investigation, no incriminating material could be gathered to show that before or after giving the statement, the petitioner had abused any officer or other members of the armed forces. had contacted or intended to encourage. An attempt to provoke.

The order said that the PTI leader’s statements were indeed “reckless” and showed a lack of appreciation for the scheme of the Constitution of Pakistan.

“Such reckless statements were not expected from a person who claims to be an educationist and is declared to be the spokesperson of a political party,” the order said.

However, the IHC said, the trial court was satisfied that apart from the offense described under Section 131 of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC), the other offenses mentioned in the FIR were, prima facie, “not relevant”.

It added that the prosecution has not brought any material on record to show that any complaint was received by or on behalf of the armed forces.

“The discipline of the armed forces is not in fact weak or weak enough to be swayed or affected by the careless and irresponsible statements of those who claim to be political leaders,” it said.

The order explained that Section 131 of the PPC clearly states that when a person encourages the commission of mutiny by any officer, soldier, sailor or airman in the Pakistan Army, Navy or Air Force. or attempts to mislead any such officer. , soldier, sailor or airman by their allegiance or their duty.

The order further stated that the prosecutor has stated that no incriminating material could be gathered during the investigation, which would show that the petitioner had committed any crime before or after giving the statements aired by the news channel. had attempted to contact the officer or other members of the armed forces; .

“Despite the careless statements of the petitioner, a case is made out for further inquiry as it needs to be investigated whether the offenses mentioned in the FIR would be attracted on the basis of mere speech without any other facts. “

The investigation has been completed and it added that “in such a case, the imprisonment of the petitioner would not only be futile, but tantamount to punishing him before the conclusion of the trial.” [etitionerisnomorerequiredtobeincarcerateditsaidadding“insuchaneventualityincarcerationofthepetitionerwouldnotonlybefutilebutratheramounttopunishinghimbeforetheconclusionofthetrial”

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