MQM has forgotten Dr Imran Farooq, widow says

Late Dr. Imran Farooq and his widow Shamila Imran Farooq. – Provided by reporter
  • Shamila Imran Farooq’s tribute to her husband.
  • Shamila says that in the absence of her husband, she has been left to rot on her own.
  • She says she is living in a small one-bedroom flat with her sons without any help from any MQM faction.

London: Widow of slain founder member of MQM Dr. Imran Farooq has questioned the MQM leadership in a bitter reminder on the occasion of her husband’s 12th death anniversary.

MQM founder Dr Farooq along with Altaf Hussain was stabbed to death near his apartment in London on 16 September 2010.

In a tweet, Shamila Imran Farooq paid tribute to her husband and reminded everyone of how her life has been full of pain and suffering since Dr Farooq’s murder in Edgware, West London.

Shamaila, who is a cancer patient and suffers from several other ailments, said she has been abandoned. rot herself in the absence of her husband

“O Allah, open for me a door of mercy, the width of which amazes me, there is no sunshine in my life and no shelter. I am a cancer patient, living in a one-bedroom house whose husband killed me. The former MQM MPA wrote that Dr. Imran Farooq, who traveled in buses 12 years ago, has been forgotten by his own people as well as others.

In the next tweet, Shamila asked where did MQM disappear? He said that where are the MQM who have forgotten the families of their own martyrs? The biggest bitter truth of life is the loss of loved ones. I wish MQM people would understand this.

On the 12th anniversary of Dr. Farooq’s murder, no MQM faction issued any statement or tweet in his memory. No event was held in his memory and none of his former colleagues even mentioned him.

Shamayla said that she is living in a small one-bedroom flat with her two sons Alishan Farooq and Wajdan Farooq without any help from any MQM faction.

The MQM London – run by Altaf – has said that it supported Shamila on a regular basis for several years until the party fell on hard times and started facing serious financial problems.

The MQMP never bothered to talk to Shamila or her sons and never paid her a single penny. However, he has so far spent a fortune suing Altaf to gain control of nearly four expensive properties in London.

Shamila has been visiting the hospital regularly for her cancer treatment while her sons study in a local school.

Two years ago in June, an Islamabad court sentenced three MQM members, Khalid Shamim, Mohsin Ali and Muazzam Ali, to life imprisonment for the murder of Dr. Farooq in 2010, and Scotland Yard closed the case. had done

Earlier this month, the Islamabad High Court (IHC) rejected the appeals of three convicts in the Dr Farooq murder case and upheld the life sentence handed down by an anti-terrorism court.

A two-member bench headed by Chief Justice Athar Minullah heard the appeals of criminals Khalid Shamim, Mohsin Ali and Muazzam Ali.

An anti-terrorism court had earlier sentenced the three accused to life imprisonment and also ordered them to pay a fine of Rs 30 lakh (Rs 10 lakh from each victim) to the victim’s wife. A close source said that they did not find anything. ordered by the court. According to sources close to Shamila, Pakistani prosecutors in the case have made no effort to recover the money from the three criminals.

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