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Queen Elizabeth II’s legacy will live on not only in the history books, but also in the many films and television series inspired by her life story.

The late king was not to inherit the throne. Her destiny was sealed in 1936 after her uncle King Edward VII voluntarily abdicated and her brother King George VI assumed the royal duties.

The story of George VI may sound familiar to some moviegoers. His ascension to the throne, and the events surrounding it, were recreated in “The King’s Speech” (2010).

The film starred Colin Firth, who played King George VI. Helena Bonham Carter played the Queen Mother, Elizabeth, and Freya Wilson played Princess Elizabeth, who years later would become Queen Elizabeth II.

The film won four Academy Awards.

“The King’s Speech” is currently available on Starz and streaming on Hulu.

Based on historical events, the popular Netflix series, which premiered in 2016, focuses on the life of Queen Elizabeth II.

The series captures one of the defining moments of his reign, the promise of lifetime service in a speech during the British Crown Prince’s 21st birthday speech.

Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II and Matt Smith as Prince Philip in an episode of Netflix's 'The Crown'.

“I declare to all of you that all my life, whether long or short, will be at your service and at the service of our great royal family to which we all belong,” the late queen said. said

King Charles III He spoke about this promise during his first televised speech after ascending the throne.

Since the death of Queen Elizabeth II, The “Crown” has recaptured. The world’s attention and its first season returned to the top 10 most watched productions on Netflix.

The series has won multiple Golden Globe and Emmy Awards.

“A Royal Night Out” (2015) follows then-Princess Elizabeth and her sister, Princess Margaret, during Victory in Europe Day on May 8, 1945.

According to the film, the princesses left Buckingham Palace that night to celebrate the end of World War II.

“It’s a true story that surprises everyone. But we don’t know exactly what happened. It’s a little fantasy inspired by this true story,” the film’s director Julian Gerrard told the production’s official website. said

The film stars Sarah Goodwin (Princess Elizabeth) and Bel Powley (Princess Margaret). Rupert Everett and Emily Watson play King George VI and the Queen Mother.

The film is available on Prime Video, Paramount+, or Hulu.

It is perhaps one of the most famous films to bring the life of Queen Elizabeth II to the big screen.

The production, which hit theaters in 2006, starred Helen Mirren, who won an Oscar for best actress for her portrayal of the king.

Helen Mirren gave an Oscar-winning performance as Queen Elizabeth II in the days after Princess Diana's death in the 2006 film.

The story describes the moments after Princess Diana’s death and shows how the British crown prince initially managed the news. The film shows how British Prime Minister Tony Blair worked to bring the monarchy closer to its people.

In addition to the Oscar, the film won two BAFTAs and two Golden Globes.

“The Queen” is available on HBO Max and Hulu.

Every phase of Queen Elizabeth II’s life was documented. In this BBC documentary, the British royal family pays tribute to Queen Elizabeth II on her 90th birthday.

According to the BBC, director John Birdcutt had exclusive access to the Queen’s collection of personal recordings.

The videos, which had never been seen before until the documentary premiered, were recorded by the Queen herself and her late husband, the Duke of Edinburgh.

Prince William and Prince Harry are part of the production. King Charles III and his sister, Princess Royal Anne, are among other members of royalty who also take part in the documentary.

You can watch the documentary on BBC One, Plex and Fubo TV.

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