Chrissy Teigen says she’s come to understand her miscarriage was actually abortion that saved her life | CNN


Chrissy Teigen has opened up about her 2020 pregnancy loss.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, The cookbook author and entrepreneur spoke about the experience Thursday at social impact agency ProperDaily’s “Day of Irrational Conversations” summit in Beverly Hills, California.

Teigen, who is currently pregnant and has two other young children with husband John Legend, reflects. On the loss of his son Jack.

“Two years ago, when I was pregnant with Jack, John and our third child, I had to make some very difficult and heartbreaking decisions,” the publication reported her as saying at the summit. “It became pretty clear halfway through that he wasn’t going to live, and that I wasn’t going to live without medical intervention.”

After the Supreme Court’s recent decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, Teigen said she realized that what she called an abortion was actually an abortion.

“Let’s just call it what it was: It was an abortion,” she said. “An abortion to save my life for a child that had no chance. And to be honest, I never really put it together until a few months ago.

Was the host of “Lip Sync Battle”. Hospitalization due to severe bleeding In the days before she announced her pregnancy loss.

“Despite the bags and bags to stop the bleeding and transfusions, we were never able to give our baby the fluids she needed. It was never enough,” she shared on social media at the time. said in a statement.

Part of the debate surrounding abortion in some states has been whether it should be legal in cases where the mother’s life is at risk.

According to THR, Teigen said it was during conversations with her husband about abortion and the compassion she felt for those who have to make the emotional decision to end a pregnancy that Legend Helped him realize that they were actually the same people.

“I went quiet, feeling weird that I didn’t realize it that way,” she said. “I told the world we had a miscarriage, the world agreed we had a miscarriage, all the headlines said it was a miscarriage. And I was really disappointed that I didn’t say it earlier. What was, and I felt stupid that it took me over a year to realize that we had miscarried.

Tagine THR tweeted the story. on Friday.

“I told you we had a miscarriage because I thought it was,” she wrote. “But it was a miscarriage, and we were heartbroken and grateful at the same time. It took me just over a year to realize that.”

CNN has reached out to Teigen’s rep for comment.

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