A tropical depression in the Atlantic could become Tropical Storm Fiona

The system is located about 800 miles east of the Leeward Islands and has sustained winds of up to 35 mph. Tropical storm watches may be required for parts of the Leeward Islands after Wednesday.

A tropical storm (meaning winds of 39 mph or greater) is forecast to gradually strengthen Wednesday night or Thursday — and then maintain that strength over the next few days. Will have to struggle for.

It must reach tropical cyclone strength to earn the designation.

The system is expected to approach the Leeward Islands on Friday as a minimal tropical storm, bringing heavy rain and possible wind impacts.

Later this week, it may move near or over parts of the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. By early next week, the system is forecast to approach Hispaniola, where it will weaken as it interacts with the island’s mountainous terrain.

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