5 Ways To Use Empty Milk Packets

Reusing, reducing and recycling is the right way to live sustainably. To reduce the waste generated from plastic and polythene, many people recycle it in some form. Although plastic and polythene are banned in some states, they are still being used in many places. The milk we buy from the market also comes in a plastic packet which is harmful to the environment.

Many people throw away these empty milk packets. This can cause even more damage to the environment as plastic takes centuries to decompose. To reduce wastage, one can reuse milk packets in several ways. Let’s take a look at some ways to reuse milk packets:

1. Build a fireplace

You can use an empty milk packet to make a chimney. These funnels can be used to apply henna. They can also be used to store cream and other food items in the fridge. To make a funnel out of a milk packet, roll the packet into a funnel shape and tape it to the top.

2. The mat

You can also make a sturdy mat out of empty milk packets. Wondering how? Collect several empty milk packets over the course of a few days. Now stick all the packets together with the help of glue or tape. They can also be used to make small furniture covers.

3. Hand made fan.

It is also possible to make a fan by hand with the help of a milk packet. For this, take an empty milk packet and cut it into a square. Now put a cloth around it and stick a wooden stick in one corner. Your handmade fan is ready.

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4. Horticulture

Did you know that milk cartons can also be used for gardening? They can be used as pots for plants. For this, put soil and compost in the packet. Finally, add a plant and don’t forget to water it regularly.

5. Copy the cover.

You can use empty milk packets as covers for your copies and books. Milk packets are durable. They will also protect your books from water.

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